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Molecular Biology




The projects that I undertook at UT range from strategy presentations for real clients to in-depth research papers. Here's some work that I found thoroughly challenging...

All links open in a separate browser window. You'll need Acrobat Reader for some of these. Get it here.

Online Projects

For two of my seminars-Theories of Persuasive Communication and Interactive Advertising all class work was published online. Here's a snapshot.

  • My own theory of 'How Advertising Works'. A truly challenging assignment without use of any references. Click here
  • A website on my favorite advertising practitioner-Howard Gossage. I completely believe in his philosophy and here's all you ever wanted to know about him. Click here
  • A research paper on challenges of wireless communication for 'Interactive Advertising'. Click here
  • An online project to understand the challenges of Pocket PC environment for Interactive Advertising by building two websites for the same product. One works only on the desktop and the other one works seamlessly on a desktop and a pocket PC. This was a tough one..Click here

Research Papers & Presentations

  • A question that always intrigued there a link between homosexuality and creativity. Finally I explored it in this research paper..with some interesting it here
  • Exploring strategies for sustaining and rejuvenating brands over time. This was my Professional report for my Masters in detail
  • An interesting exploration of the much misunderstood term Postmodernism and its implications for advertising...more
  • A strategy and Integrated Marketing communications presentation for Texas Department of Agriculture. Ours was adjudged the best strategy amongst 9 teams..check it out
  • Getting the International UT alumnus involved with their alma mater was proving a tough task. We did some comprehensive online research and here's the winning strategy..details





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