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Being somewhat of a futurist and always keen on honing my predicting powers, here's what I feel would change in the branding world in the next 5-10 years. As the business environment around us keeps changing, this amateur futurologist will keep this section updated. Check it out from time to time:

  • Creating brands without the mass media
    A number of brands will creep into our consciousness without using the traditional media. No megabucks spent in mass advertising, these brands will find new ways to reach their targets. Be it through creating buzz, becoming culture creators, targeted mailing or interactive advertising.
  • Responsible attitude will pay off
    Brands that have been built through ethical practices will finally reap rewards. Companies that have been thought leaders and taken responsible steps towards protecting the environment and contributed to their community would be appreciated by the consumers. The actions of an organization and the image of it's brand will increasingly get intertwined making it increasingly difficult for brands to stay apolitical.
  • Celebrating consumer differences rather than similarities
    Instead of focussing on market segments with similar interests, brands will try to appeal to individual consumer differences. The successful brands will more likely have products and services that target individual tastes rather than least common denominator needs.
  • Reinventing Brand Management
    As the definition of what constitutes a brand and it's elements changes, the brand management function will change and get more fragmented. The role of managing brands will move out of a specialized department and get redistributed to employees in other departments including customer service, corporate communications and operations. Employees of an organization will pay a greater role in brand-building than ever before. Employers will hire people that are a close match with their own brand's personality.







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