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Random things about me to use the words cocoon, inadvertently, postmodernism, epitomizes.

...have 28 first cousins and 3 Master's degrees.

...hate to use the word 'I' name Meenakshi means someone with eyes like a fish. Capable of having a wide perspective in life. My parents sure knew some branding principles.

...born and brought up in New Delhi, India. kid's art. The one on the left is from my nephew.

...believe chaos breeds creativity. to do yoga. It's a great hormone balancer. speed. Hate plastic flowers.

...believe in god. Religion's a waste of time.

...believe baking is akin to giving birth. Have been a mother several times over. a news-junkie. have an insatiable need to know. in Austin. Love it 'cause it's weird.






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